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Thunder Tv app for all android Devices (Firestick, Smartphones, Android Box, Nvidia Shield). This is our latest ThunderTv app and it is one of our favorite to use. Download Here

The Original Thunder Tv app

Just use your username and password to start enjoying the service. Grab a subscription from the Trials and Packages, create an account and the username and password will be sent to your email address.


If you are feeling adventurous then try our other more advanced ThunderTv apps. You will find them all onĀ Filelinked, use code: 72147577

For iPhone/Ipad and Apple Tv IOS devices please download “Smarters IPTV” from the Apple store and login using the username and password that was emailed out to you when you subscribed. Please notice the Portal URL in the image below.


To watch our Service on a Computer PC Browser, just grab your self a Trial or subscribe to one of our great monthly subscription packages.


Please note that the webplayer is optimized for PC
use and is not recommended for mobile devices.
1. Open a browser of your choice (google chrome is recommended) and navigate
to Online Web Player

or Download the Windows Executable file.
2. Enter your username and password. Login and enjoy!